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Basic breakfast

1 slice of toast, 2 eggs of choice,

3 slices streaky bacon and

2 grilled tomatoes.

With a choice of chips or salad

Adult: R50 Children: 25

Add on:

Sausage: 11.50

Mushrooms: R8.00

Avo: R 6.00

Breakfast wraps

Egg mayo and bacon wrap served with

chips and some fresh herbs.

Adults: R65 Children: R35

Roasted pepper and avocado wrap served

with balsamic cherry tomatoes and egg of choice.

(vegetarian option)

Adults: R65 Children: R30

Fruit & muesli

A blend of fresh seasonal fruits accompanied

by whole grain plain muesli and a choice of

plain yogurt or milk with a drizzle of honey.

Adults: R65 Children: R35


Classic double cheddar omelette.

Adults: R 65 Children: R35

Spinach infused with goats’ cheese,

grilled mushrooms and a slice of avocado

(Vegetarian option)

Adults: R 65 Children: R35

Grilled streaky bacon and cheddar cheese

Omelette served with some fresh herbs.

Adults: 65 Children: R35

Homemade spinach and feta omelette served

on a bed of rocket and fresh herbs.

Adults: R68 Children: R34

Breakfast waffles

Eggs benedict on a savoury waffle.

Adults: R55 Children: R25

Savoury waffle with roasted chicken, mustard and cream.

Adults: R 55 Children: R25

Chocolate coated waffles served with a scoop of

vanilla ice cream.

Adults: R55 Children: R25



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Gourmet salads

Green leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced red onion, feta cheese and avocado, olives

(add grilled chicken or beef

Drizzled with honey mustard dressing)

Adults: R60 Children: R30

Add on to your salad.

Chicken: R15

Beef: R20

Kiddies salad

Green leaf lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber and feta


Side salads

Green leaf lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber,

feta, red onion.

Adults R30 Children R20




Toasted sandwiches

Choice of Breads: Brown, white or rye

Grilled ham, cheese and tomato served with chips


Double grilled cheese sandwich served with chips


Grilled chicken and mayo sandwich served with chips



A boneless chicken breast marinated with

a special blend of seasoning grilled to

perfection Served with chips or side salad.

Double: R 50 Single: R45

A succulent grilled beef patty, with a slice of melted slice of cheddar .

Served with chips or side salad.

Double: R50 Single: R45


Creamy mushroom sauce: R 10

Double cheddar cheese sauce: R10


Schnitzel served with chips and a creamy cheese sauce

Adults: R45 Children R25

Chicken nuggets served with chips and

a creamy cheese sauce.

Adults: R 45 Children: R25  

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Coke R10

Coke Light R10

Sprite R10 Cream

Soda R10

Fanta Grape R10

Appletiser R17

Fanta Orange R10

Grapetiser R17

Still water R 8

Sparkling water R 8

Fruit Juice

Adult: R12.50

Apple juice

Cranberry Mixed Berry

Orange Guava

Mango & Orange

Kiddies Fruit Juice.



Banana and Peanut butter R30

Mixed Berry R45


Chocolate R25

Vanilla R25

Hot Drinks


Standard R 22

Large R 28

Americano R 18

Café Latte R22

Spicy Chia Cappuccino R22

Red Cappuccino R22

Hot Chocolate R22

De Cafe Cappuccino R22




Green Tea

R15 per pot



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